Every in-person client will receive quarterly testing, weekly goal setting and check-ins, and consistent support and accountability.


1:1 Personal Training

One on one personal training is where you will see the most individualized and specific training for you and your body. 1:1 is where you’ll be able to see the most and quickest progress towards your personal goals.

2:1 Personal training

Two on one personal training is great for individuals who have similar goals (and schedules). The programming will be slightly less personalized than 1:1, however it will still be as tailored as possible towards your goals. It’s also a more affordable option if necessary.

small group training

Small group training consists of anywhere from 3 to 8 people. The main focus of these small groups will be general strength and conditioning. This type of training is great for groups or teams of individuals who all striving towards similar goals.

Online TRaining - COMING SOON