Pricing + Services


1:1 In-Person Training

One on one personal training is where you will see the most individualized and specific training for you and your body. You will receive hands on coaching on proper form and movement patterns. Best for beginners, individuals looking to get out of pain, and/or individuals who need the most accountability.

You will also receive quarterly testing, weekly check-ins, and weekly accountability/goal setting check-ins.

2:1 In-Person Training

Two on one training is a great idea for individuals who have similar goals and schedules. If you and your partner have similar goals, timelines, and/or schedules, this may be the perfect date night (or morning!). Or if you and a coworker, friend, sibling, etc. want to keep each other accountable, this may be perfect for you. Also great if both individuals are around the same level of fitness and looking to improve.

You will also receive quarterly testing, weekly check-ins and weekly accountability/goal setting check-ins.

Small Group Training (3-6 people)

Do you have a group of friends looking to have a weekly meetup that doesn’t always involve alcohol and greasy food? Maybe you have a wedding coming up and you and your bridesmaids want to do something good for your body and mind in preparation? Small Group training is a fun and affordable way to feel strong fit and stay connected with friends - the more people you get to join, the less you have to pay.

Personalized Online Training

Are you not living in the city of Calgary? Do you simply need more structure and guidance in the gym? Online training may be right for you! You will receive custom training programs that have been specifically tailored to your goals, as well as weekly check-ins, and accountability/goal setting check-ins with Melissa.

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