I believe that strength training is very individualized. Not everyone has the same capabilities, same anatomical structures, or even same goals. If you want to attain certain goals, you need an individualized and personalized program.

I believe in training for progressive overload. In order to acquire and build strength, it’s important to follow a program and to track your progress. Anybody can get you tired… I can get you results.


I don’t believe in restriction, and I won’t preach it. Restriction is a surefire way to keep you from seeing sustainable results. No restriction = no yo-yo dieting, no binge-eating, no guilt.

My philosophy regarding nutrition is knowing how foods make you feel. Keeping track of what your body needs, craves, and fueling your body rather than starving it.

As for my services, I will be staying within the scope of NSCA-CPT nutritional practices.


What we’ve been seeing a lot of in the fitness industry lately are these unreal physical transformations that people had gone through, however, we later find that they’ve put the weight back on, or worse, that they were searching for happiness and didn’t find it even when they hit their ideal or goal weight.

My goal is to change the narrative and to focus on why you are striving to lose weight. Why are you looking to achieve a certain goal?

Knowing your “why” will help drive you towards your goals.